5 favorite things about traveling

Hi, today i thought i would do my top 5 favourite things about traveling… so lets get started!

  1. Meeting new people. I love meeting new people wherever I go. One of my most favourite memories was when I was in Hawaii a few years ago, we were on the beach looking for beach glass and we saw this man who was looking for beach glass as well as catching some from the shallow parts of the ocean. I don’t know how but we started talking to him and it was so interesting. He told us that the reason why he catches beach glass is because his wife makes jewellry. He catches it and then she would make the jewellry from the beach glass. This was such a cool story, there are people all around the world who have such cool stories to listen too.
  2.  Food. Oh my. Food is amazing. I really love trying new foods from around the world. It is very cool to compare and see the differences between foods from different places. For example I love the food in Mexico as well as Hawaii but two very different styles
  3. Climate Change and surroundings. I love to travel to places that have a totally different climate than where I live, because its a change of scenery. I think it is so cool to travel to amazing and see cactuses all around when at home I never really saw cactuses. Where I like we have very distinct seasons, winter is freezing, spring is any ect. So i love going to places where it is cooler year round or hot years round. I also love the amazing scenery when you travel as well as just looking at buildings because it is usually to what i really see. The views usually on trips are amazing that is one of my favourite parts because anywhere you look you can see something new or amazing to look at!
  4. Adventure. Usually on vacation I really love to see new places and attractions in the places that we are in.  I really love going on new adventures hikes ore simply just walking around almost all of the time we can spot something cool to go and see or that we want to try later.
  5. Being pushed outside of my comfort zone. While I am traveling i really love to try new things where its trying new food or going to somewhere like museum that I would never go to. I think it is fascinating how much people can grow from traveling. I think it is because they are being pushed outside of their comfort zones. example the last time I was in Hawaii the whole trip I was putting off snorkelling because I thought I was going to get eaten by a shark and die (dramatic). But on one of our last days I finally agreed to go. And it was amazing, all of the fish and sea life I was able to see was incredible and I am so happy I did. Looking back on that experience, I can now look at new and frightening situations in a new light and who knows maybe I will even love them too. I think it is so cool to try new and different things wherever you go because you may never be back there or not for a long time.

Thanks for reading to my second blog post:)


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