Maui, Hawaii 2017/2018

Hi, I am so excited to be talking about my trip to Maui, Hawaii. We left on December 27 2017 and came back on January 6 2018.


This is a picture that I took while we were driving to our condo

We rented a condo in the Whaler on Kaanapali Beach. It was such an amazing place to stay it was about a 4 min walk to black rock, which is one of the best snorkelling places on the island, it is about a 1 minuet walk from Whalers village. Whalers village is such a great place to shop get great food and hang out. Also around Whalers Village were some very nice sit down restaurants.

Black Rock

Black rock is such an amazing place to go snorkelling. I will say that i was very hesitant about going snorkelling there, but after I got in to water I immediately fell in love with it. It was amazing to see all of the underwater life I loved seeing all of the fish and even some eels.

Whaler Village Directory

Whalers Village is amazing we went there every single day. We loved all of the great shopping as well as the food. I would really recommend to anyone. We also really like the ABC store in Whalers Village because it has a really good selection of fresh food, my favourite was the fruit.


The Whaler is so amazing. This is the view just off of the pool, it literally took about 30 seconds to get onto the beach it was so nice. Something else really nice about The Whaler is that it had really nice patio areas with BBQ’s. It also had very nice tennis courts, all you had to do was call the the front desk to book a time slot, it was that simple. We played quiet a bit of tennis, even though I can barley play:)


This picture was taken in Paia. Paia is about an hour drive from Kaanapali Beach it is a cute little ” town” with many shops, stores and restaurants. All of the shops were so cute, one of my favourite parts was going to the healthiest grocerie store on the island it was too cool to see all of the food and products, I got a beet juice it was really good.

This picture was taken in Lahaina

Lahaina is such a cool place it is definitely one of the places you should see it is fun just to walk around and see all of the stores and just people watch. Around Lahaina there are some outletts which I really loved.  There are also many places to eat in Lahaina. Although I do have to say there is one place I would not recommend to anyone to eat at. It is a restaurant called Honu, we were excited to have lunch here. I will say that it had a very nice view, but the food was not good at all and the service could have been better. I had a kale salad with a butternut squash soon and both were really bad, even though I hate to admit. Its just a warning:)


MMMM, there is this very popular snow cone place on one of Lahaina’s main boardwalks. It was so good. I would really recommend it.

Here are some extra pictures that I had


Thanks for reading 🙂


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