DIY Travel Survival Kit

Hi, Today I am going to be showing how you can make a very simple, easy and useful DIY travel survival kit. I decided to make one of these for my last trip and it was so useful to have in my carry on. This is how I made it. Also something that I wanted to note is, that the contents in the bag will change for everyone, but these are just a few ideas of things that I use. Also this little survival bag would be amazing to have if your luggage got lost.


  1. Bag

The one main thing that you need is a bag, a smaller one fits easier into carry ons. The bag I have here is from Clinique, I just had this in my house but you could easily buy one from Walmart, Target ect.


2. Breath Right Nose Strips

I find these things very helpful and useful while traveling, especially if you get sick. I think that these are a great back up product to have, just in case.


3. Wet Ones

These things are great! Now that I have these while I travel I always am wiping things down. I wipe down the plane seat, table trays, buttons etc. I also like to wipe down some parts of the hotel room, remote, light swiches etc. These are so amazing to have while traveling.


4. Halls

Halls are great, especially if you get sick. I also just like to suck on them if I want something in my mouth.


5. Mirror 

This is something that I find very useful. If while traveling you want to touch up make up, put on a mask or put on makeup. Think that a mirror can be very useful and I highly recommend brining one. p.s I got this mirror from sephora, they come with gift cards.


6. Mini Toothbrushes

These little toothbrushes are so cute and very handy. You can get these little toothbrushes from almost anywhere and you don’t even need water to use them, the toothpaste is already on the bristles. These are super great if you want to freshen up during a flight or during a lay over.


7. Concealer (other makeup/skincare)

I find concealer and other makeup and skincare so useful to have especially if you want to look put together after a flight or need to quickly look put together. (I would also recommend for the makeup to be cheaper, just in case you are not able to take it on a flight or you loose it)


8. Hair clip/Hair ties

This one is something that I think we all need I almost always have an elastic on my wrist because they are so useful to have around just in case you want to put your hair up.


9. Cuetips/ cotton pads

This is a little random but if you wanted to fix up makeup or remove it these are very helpful and small unlike makeup wipes.


10. Shampoo/ conditioner 

Having shampoo and conditioner is very helpful while traveling. In case you loose luggage or have to overnight somewhere. This way you have it right in your carry on so it is quickly accessible and you don’t have to dig through luggage.

Tip – To make sure that your liquids don’t leak, take a small piece of plastic wrap and put it in between the cap and bottle opening.


11. Hand sanitizer wipes

You could have regular hand sanitizer but then you risk it leaking and getting all over the place. I find hand sanitizer wipes amazing. I always feel like the planes are so gross especially the bathrooms so these are great to use after, to make sure that you are all clean 😉


12. Nail Files

Nail files are amazing to have with you wherever you go. I swear my nails always break when I’m out and about and don’t have a nail file with me. It is so annoying if you can’t fix it because its always snagging on things! Carrying one of these while traveling, I’m sure will come in handy even if you don’t use it, someone else may benefit from using it.


13. Pens and Pencils 

Pens and pencils are so helpful to have while traveling, but I feel like most of us don’t have them with us. I would really recommend packing these because you always need to fill out forms on or after the plane.


14. Clinique Pep-Start Pods 

These things are amazing and so efficient! These little pods are so easy to transport, because they are so small and they are very nice for long, or short flights. All you have to do to use it is press down on the part that says “push”. Then you will see the liquid soak into the little towel pod and then it is a moist refreshing towel. I love using these during flights to refresh my face.


15. Face/Eye Masks 

Having face and eye masks with you while traveling especially during super long flights it is so nice to have these with you. Air planes have very dry air which drys out the skin. Using masks help to replenish your skin and if you use eye masks it can help you look a little more awake:)

Tip – Use sheet masks: then you can easily take it off and throw it out after using.


16. TicTacs/Gum 

I always think that having tactics or gum with me while traveling is a must have. It tastes good, freshens breath and can help to pop your ears.


Thanks For reading 🙂




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