Notting Hill

Before we went to London I had heard great things about Notting hill. So we decided to go!LA1HGXBWRea2+KTkJT8a4g

We went to Granger & Co. for brunch. They had really great healthy food! We did have to wait for about 15 mins to get seated tho. Here is the food we got at the resturant:

Toasted coconut bread and butter
Vegan granola, coconut yoghurt and fruit compote 
Almond chia seed pot, berries, pomegranate and coconut yoghurt
Açai bowl, banana, berries and vegan granola

After eating we walked around Notting Hill and then walked around Portobello Road.OdQWEK8oRcuhPljqTJ8rQwhJfEpnuOTUCrB9Ziw+1kaAgUQHGOZyTbaPbHPZ9enj9g

Overall, Notting Hill was very nice and I would recommend you to go, if you have any extra time in London! I has so many cute shops and stores to see, along with great places to eat!

Thanks for reading!


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