West Jet Plus – Review

Hi, in this post i am going to be sharing with you my experience with flying West Jet Plus. The difference between Plus and Economy is that in Plus you Have more room as well as amenities. We were flying to London, Gatwick, this is a smaller airport just outside of London city centre.

Cost: The tickets for Plus costed about $1500, the price will change depending on what time of year you go as well as time of departure.

Amenities: 2 checked bags, Food and drink services (free), Advanced Boarding, priority screening, extra leg and arm room and lastly lounge access at the London, Gatwick airport.

Seats: To be honest I looked at the seats and didn’t expect there to be the biggest difference as far as room goes. But to my surprise there was much more room than expected, I think this was because of of the options for a foot rest as well as reclining.


I did not think that the foot rest would help at all because why would it? But trust me when I say that when you recline fully and put your footrest us I swear its almost like a mini bed. I slept SO well, the best I have ever slept on a plane!


I personally felt like there was much more room to move around than it looked like. The foldable take was in the arm rest which was nice so that it could easily be hid away.

Service: The service was great, everyone was so kind and very attentive. The flight attendants were all so helpful, offering drinks before take off, making sure that we were comfortable and ensuring that we had a great flight. Also something I do want to note is that our flight was delayed by about 3 hours because something had to be fixed on the plane, but we were given vouchers to buy something in the airport and quiet a few West Jet dollars.Something that was also nice was some of the things included in plus that they gave us. Like these nice West Jet blankets as well as little inflight amenity kits:


Everything that is included in the inflight amenity kit

Food and Drinks: So for West Jet Plus guests food and drinks are included in your experience which is very nice, so you don’t have to pay any extra costs. For the flight there a meal was served just after take off and right before landing, I did not have the meal after take off because I fell asleep right away haha. But I did have the breakfast and food on the way back and the food was fairly good and they had great choices. Also they had many choices for drinks including alcohol (which I did not have). On the way home they put out a little basket of snacks that anyone in plus could take!

Menu, going to England
Menu, Arriving in Canada


Drink Menu



Is West Jet Plus Fare Worth It? Yes i believe that that it is worth it I find the seats very spacious and I really like the fact that they are trying to make it the best experience you can have, Some other things about West Jet Plus is that they have curtains to close you off from the rest of the plane and you have your own bathroom just for people in Plus which usually eliminates waiting. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by these seats and I would definitely recommend anyone to take a look at West Jets Plus Fare option!

Please leave a review down below in the comments I love hearing from you!


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