Breathtaking Paris

Hi! This summer we went to Europe and the second stop on our trip was Paris. I had never been before and I LOVED IT!


Seriously, Paris is amazing! We stayed at the Renaissance Vendome (which is a marriott hotel), the hotel was in a great location we were about a 10 minuet walk from Le Louvre, and our hotel was literally right across the street from Jardin de Tuileries, which is beautiful garden and if you cross through it on the other side is the love lock bridge!

Outside of the hotel


Jardin de Tuileries 


Love Lock bridge

gMUSWwbFSd+OE6LCd+grYQWe could actually just walk to the the Eiffel tower from our hotel which was awesome, i think it was about a 40 fish minuet walk but it was so pretty and all you have to do is walk along the river and it will take you there, we went in the morning so it wasn’t to hot too yet but if its super cold or hot this may not be a nice walk, haha.

This was my first view of the Eiffel tower!



View from the top of the Eiffel tower 


We preordered passes to the Eiffel tower to get to the top you do have to wait in some lines but I would say that it is worth it! After we went to the Eiffel tower we walked down to this grassy area and just sat there for a bit.. and took some pics!


After that we decided to walk to the Arc de Triumph, and down the Champs de élysées (which is a very well known shopping area in Paris) We tried to walk all the way bak from there but after about an hour of walking in the heat we had to get an Uber, Haha.


Arc de Triumph 
Champs de élysées 

We also stopped for the best croissant and crepe along the way, which made the walk a bit more bearable.


So as I said the Louvre was so close to our hotel, and one thing that i had no idea about was the mall in the building! Its like a full on mall with a huge food court. I was so confused, haha. But the Louvre was awesome and literally there are hundreds of areas in the museum. We were so lost trying to find Mona Lisa! If you can get a map of the museum, do it, I promise you won’t regret it! Also another thing that I had no idea about was that the Mona Lisa was in a case, and nobody could go close to it.







The next day we decided to go to a mall called Galeries Lafayette, literally the most gorgeous Mall I have ever been to. It was a 15 minuet walk to the mall from our hotel with lots of shopping along the way!

Inside Galeries Lafayette


This mall also had an amazing gift/everything floor that I loved! Another awesome thing you can do at the mall is go on the rooftop, you can look out over Paris.. so pretty.

Rooftop view


On one of our last days we went to see Notre – Dome, which is so beautiful. And we went to see the Eiffel tower at sunset, which I would highly recommend you do, even though there were lots of people, I gust got a crepe and sat there, which was so nice. We watched it from parvis des droits de l’homme, which is very easy to find and I’m sure if you asked most would be able to tell you how to get there. It was so amazing when we got to see the Eiffel tower light up and twinkle!



One last thing! There were so many amazing restaurants right around the corner from us, this one was our favourite and we went here 2 or 3 times! I even tried escargo for the very first time, it was kinda gross but also o at the same time, I think I just wanted to say I ate snail in Paris, Haha!



Overall, Paris is now one of my favourite city’s in the world, It is gorgeous, elegant and fun all at the same time, can’t wait to go back some day!

Thanks for reading!


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